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Candida, Cravings, Sugar – the Vicious Cycle

Pinned on May 2, 2009 at 10:15 pm by Diana Walker

Candida, Cravings, Sugar – the Vicious Cycle

Candida, Cravings, Choices – the Vicious Cycle

If you’ve ever been a victim of the “yeast beast” as it’s called, you know how strong the cravings can be.

Stop Sugar Cravings Candida Diet help with

The very foods you should avoid when you’re fighting a candida overgrowth are the ones you crave the most: sugar, carbs, alcohol, cheese, vinegary foods. What’s more, eating too much of these foods is what contributes to the overgrowth in the first place!

How do you stop the vicious cycle of poor food choices, candida, and cravings?

1.   Rid Your Home of all tempting Candida-forming foods

Willpower may not be enough. As the yeast dies off, it sends a powerful message: Feed Me! A first step would certainly be to rid your home of everything you shouldn’t be eating on an Anti-Candida Diet.   Make it difficult to obtain those foods.

2.  Keep a Food Diary

Secondly, try keeping a food diary. When you have to write down every bite that passes your lips, it creates a kind of accountability.

3.  Eat Foods that Help Decrease Cravings

Thirdly, support your body’s healing process by giving it foods that will help with the cravings and that will balance your system.

Try drinking green tea with Stevia, a safer alternative sweetener that also has the benefit of reducing cravings for sweets! In addition to making you feel better, eating these foods can make you LOOK better!

They often lead to weight loss as your cravings subside and your body becomes balanced.

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles


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Michla says:

I have been using coconut oil for about 4 weeks now – 1 tbs in the morn and 1 in the eve. I used to have chronic yeast issues – (esp with yeast infection) and now I don’t. i also have noticed a decreased interest in consuming more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks~ i have yet to notice weight loss but I sure do look forward to that

Diana Walker says:

Hi Michla!

That is absolutely wonderful – thanks so much for sharing your personal success, and the wonderful news that 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning, and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in the evening helps you so much.

Such a simple solution!

That is excellent information, thanks for sharing, and I will be sure and let my newsletter subscribers know the great results you have!

Michelle Smith says:

help, I have suffered from systemic candida in the past and did an extremely strict diet up until four years ago. Now that I got off my strict diet, I crave sugars and carbs sooooo much and can’t get back on track….very frustrated and feel like a failure. Please help!!

also is kambachu tea really safe and o.k. for candida…because it is fermented I worry…alot of research show fermented foods not good for candida….please e-mail me

I need somethin to help me get back on track and cure these cravings.
Thanks so much

Michelle Smith

Diana Walker says:

Hi Michelle, I hear your agony.

You are so right – that when we are “on track” we feel so wonderful, but the Candida Diet is not easy to stick to, especially if others in our family are not eating that way, or when we are socializing.

There are 2 Sunrider products that work very, very well, and easily with Candida – they are Calli Tea and Sunrider Stevia.

Many Naturopaths recommend Calli Tea – there is NO fermentation of the ingredients, and highly recommended for a Candida Diet. Tastes delicious too.

If you go to you will find more information, and also you can subscribe to my newsletter.
If you live in Canada or the United States, I can send you samples of the Calli Tea.

With the Sunrider Stevia – having 5 drops every 2 hours can be incredible for Candida.

I know it is a long journey – but there is hope!
Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana’s Heatlhy Lifestyles

Isabel says:

I was wondering if eating fresh coconut and/or dried coconut shavings would be of dual benefit to coconut oil?
Thanks for this wonderful knowledge.

Diana Walker says:

Hi Isabel!
Thank you so much for your comment/question.
Yes, I would definitely use coconut in all forms that you can – there are so many health benefits – be sue it is organic.
You are so welcome, and thank you for commenting!

Diana Walker says:

Oh, and here are more health benefits for Coconut Oil / coconut products:
Hope you enjoy the information!

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