Dandelion Root Health Liver Cleanse

Dandelion Root Liver Cleanse

Dandelions Liver Detox and Dandelion Root Healthy for Liver www.thecravingscoach.com
Dandelions Liver Detox and Dandelion Root Healthy for Liver www.thecravingscoach.com

Dandelion Root – Food for the Liver

Dandelion Root is known as a food for the liver, and is very high in calcium and other nutrients.  Some herbal texts mention dandelion’s ability to aid skin problems, detoxify poisons and toxic waste in the body, and act as a tonic to the stomach.  Dandelion is a natural source of protein, and is very high in Vitamins A, B, C, and E.  It is rich in potassium, calcium, and natural sodium, with some phosphorus and iron.

Some benefits noted by herbalists include:

* Clears toxins
* Cleans the liver
* Promotes urination
* Beneficial for arthritic conditions
*  Gentle, mild, natural Antibiotic
*  Inhibits bacteria and fungi
*  One of the most Detoxifying herbs
*  Beneficial for skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

Louise Tenney writes in Today’s Herbs:  The liver is our personal food storage.  Starches are stored in the liver, and changed to glycogen and released as the body needs energy-building material.  Fats are stored in the liver as well as proteins, where they are changed into amino acids.  White blood cells are manufactured in the liver to destroy germs and poisons, which come from the intestines.  The liver is responsible for the substance that causes blood to clot.  The liver also detoxifies.  It renders harmless the toxic end-products of the digestion process.  When the liver is working properly, it has the task of eliminating toxic metals.  When the liver is in trouble, it puts strain and congestion on all the glands, muscles, joints and the body structure.  Dandelion strengthens the liver with its easily assimilated minerals concentrated in the roots of the plant.

Why should we Cleanse the Liver?

The liver is the largest organ in the human body.  It is extremely complex. The liver performs over 500 functions in the body – can you imagine if you had to perform 500 functions?  That is high demand on our poor liver!  Here are just some of the functions the liver performs:

1.  Purifies the blood
2.  Manufactures and secretes bile
3.  Stores 20% to 30% of your body’s blood
4.  Detoxifies – turns toxic materials into non-toxic material
5.  Creates, metabolizes, and stores Hormones
6.  Metabolizes Fat – affects triglycerides, cholesterol, blood and body fat levels
7.  Metabolizes Nutrients for Life: proteins, fats, carbohydrates

Signs of a Sluggish Liver

1.  Allergies
2. Chemical Sensitivie
3.  Constipation
4.  Obesity
5.  PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome)

Dandelion Root Liver Cleanse and Detox Recipe

Start slowly, with 1 capsule a day, and work up.
Cleansing & Detox Recipe — Dandelion Root Recipe for Liver Cleanse,  Spring Cleaning  the body or for Body Cleaning any time:  Open 2-3 capsules Dandelion Root, mix in 8 ounces warm or hot water.  Drink 3-4 cups per day.

Or, just swallow the capsules with water or Sunrider Calli Tea or Sunrider Fortune Delight.

Dandelion Greens –

Click here for more information: Dandelion Greens Liver Health Benefits

Health Whole Foods that provide Health Benefits for the Liver Include:

1.  Garlic – activates liver enzymes, which helps your body flush out toxins

2.  Grapefruit – increases natural cleansing process of the liver

3.  Green Leafy Vegetables – Greens are a poewrful aid in annihilating toxins and provide protection for the liver.  Greens increase the creation and flow of bile, which removes waste from the organs and blood.

4.  Herbal Green Tea – loaded with catechins.  Studies show catechins help eliminate liver fat accumulation and promote proper liver function.

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Dandelion Root Liver Cleanse


  1. says

    I noticed one of the things that you listed dandelion root as doing was to “promote urination.” Do you happen to know to what extent that is? I’m interested in trying the cleanse, but I can’t be running to the restroom every 15 minutes during the work week.

  2. says

    Hi Will,
    Thanks for your question. Yes, the fact that dandelion root can promote urination is a good thing. There is a slight diuretic effect often – but that is part of the cleansing.
    It definitely will depend on the individual, so if I were you, I would start very slowly with small amounts of Dandelion Root, and experiment for yourself.
    Also, you may want to do this on the weekend, or at some time when you can accommodate some of the possible cleansing actions that could result using the Dandelion Root.

  3. SharonMobley says

    I would love to try Dandelion but I take Blood pressure medicine and wonder if there would be O.K. Thanks

  4. MRS. ABABIO says

    Will taking (chewing) of fresh Dandelion morning and evening help in treating liver damage caused by chronic Hepatitis B?

  5. t. patel says

    Dandelion root coffee, milk thistle herb and artichoke juice – can they be taken when you are going through symptom s of constipation and sluggish bowel. will they help relieve it or is it that they might have negative effect and aggravate symptoms.


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