Halloween, Sugar Cravings and Obesity

Halloween, Sugar Cravings, Children and Diabetes, Obesity

Our Sugar Cravings start at a very young age. I am as guilty as anyone, even knowing about health and nutrition for so many years. I know how hard it was to keep my children from eating the unhealthy, sugar-laden, sweet, tempting Halloween treats.

Harmful Effects of Sugar

Studies show that children eat 20 to 40 teaspoons on Halloween night alone!!! ¬†That is not counting what happens for days and even weeks afterwards, with that huge stash of “white death” (another name for sugar!)

Last Halloween my friend Angela Wills told me that her 5-year-old son, Hayden, was not planning to go out for Halloween or eat any candy or sugar. I had the privilege of interviewing Hayden – I think you will find it fun to listen to Hayden here:

Hayden talks about Sugar and Fiber Halloween

I haven’t had a chance to ask Angela if Hayden plans to go trick-or-treating this year, or eat sugar… but I think that the lessons he learned a year ago will still be a part of his life in the future.

The obesity rates in children are skyrocketing. Diabetes in children is skyrocketing.

Halloween, Sugar and Cravings

It is so important to take responsibility for ourselves, and to do all we can for our children, so that they will eat healthy and have an awareness of the harmful effects of sugar.

Thanks so much, Angela and Hayden!
Diana Walker, Cravings Coach

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