Lose Weight the Healthy Way – Show #24

My Podcast guest this week will be an inspiration to everyone who wants to lose weight. Not only is she proof positive that it IS possible to lose weight by making lifestyle changes but she lost 180 pounds in a healthy way, through healthy nutrition, exercise, clear goals and WITHOUT having surgery!

Jennifer Marnell shares her story of living the life of an obese young woman. Not only was her life in jeopardy from the health risks but she had many embarrassing moments. She finally got that “a-ha” moment and decided to make some drastic changes.

These are the before and after pictures of Jen. At only 5 feet tall, her 300 pounds put tremendous stress on her joints and organs. Jen shares her story of how she rewarded herself after losing her first 50 pounds and she also tells us what she eats now to maintain her 180 pound weight loss.

Listen in and become inspired by Jen! She is now a Fitness Trainer at a local gym and offers distance training/support through her website, FitByJen.com.

Diana Walker, The Cravings Coach

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    Hi April,
    I hope you enjoy the show, and that it is inspiring to you! I really enjoyed interviewing Jennifer Marnell, and learning her full story. Yes, she has been on Oprah and other shows.

    She is very down-to-earth, and really wants to help inspire others to lose weight, change their mindset, love their life!
    Thanks for commenting.


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