Natural Antibiotic Foods – Garlic, Honey, Lemons

My friend Marg brought this healthy recipe over, and also gave me a prepared jar of it. It is delicious!! Well, I love garlic!  Anyway, she shared with other mutual friends and they got great results with sore throats, colds, etc.
The ingredients are easy and readily available. 

Natural Antibiotic Lemon Honey Garlic
Natural Antibiotic Lemon Honey Garlic


We had a potluck supper. I took 2 tablespoons of the formula, and added it to olive oil and some Italian herbs, and some water, and a whole avocado, and whizzed it in the blender. It made a delicious and healthy and organic salad dressing, and it was a hit at the potluck, along with the delicious organic salad I brought.

Here are Marg’s words:‘I had a very bad cough for over two weeks and could not get rid of it. I took the following mixture for three days. 1 tsp first thing in the morning and 1 tsp before I went to bed. The cough was totally gone in three days. For children I would give them a tsp. twice a day.


(We all know how good the three following ingredients are for us.)
1 Cup of liquid honey, unpasteurized
2 Whole heads of organic garlic, peeled. (there will be approximately 20 corns)
3 Organic lemons. (because you use the whole lemon, except the seeds) Other lemons are sprayed with chemicals. I cut the lemons in eights and remove the seeds.
Put everything in a blender and blend for about 5 minutes. I did blend it longer the first time but it still does not turn totally to liquid. The garlic and lemon do not totally break down. You will see what I mean when you make this mixture. I do not find it unpleasant to take. You could make up a half batch to test it. I will keep a batch in my refrigerator during cold and flu season, from now on.

It should be kept in the refrigerator.I have put a teaspoon on my salads. It is quite tasty and has a fresh tang to it.

Thank you, Marg, for sharing this with us!If anyone else has a favorite home remedy made with natural foods, I would love to hear from you.Also, if you make up Marg’s formula, please let us know your results!

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach

photo by: katerha


  1. says

    garlic is just an amazing food! i use it to kill of candida — plus i just love the taste. i didn’t realize it was also used as an antibiotic. awesome food. what else is garlic good for? any other benefits i don’t know about?

  2. rusman h lee says

    I got severe tootache pain which caused by bacteria inside my wisdoom tooth which occur in the root canal.
    I keep doing searching for an answer as Dentist recommendation not satisfy me and doesnt really tell the root cause.
    Its in the middle of the night finally i found an article about bacteria which cause so much pain for the root canal (
    unfortunately i couldnt find any antibiotics to kill the bacteria in the middle of night. I search for natural foods which act as anti-biotics and “Haleluyah” I find this website ( which taught about lemon / honey / garlic as natural foods which act as antiobiotics.

    I only have honey and lemon at the time I read this article, and straight away I gulp 1 spoon of honey and purposely aim it to the teeth which has causing the whole day nerve pain, and Prais the Lord .. out of sudden the pain is disappear.

    I hope this can be helpful for you…

    Best Regards,
    Rusman H Lee

  3. says

    Hi Rusman,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog regarding Natural Antibiotic Foods – Garlic, Honey, Lemon.
    I am so happy to hear the good news that in fact the honey did help you.
    I love it when natural remedies come to the rescue.
    Thanks for taking the time to let me know, and I’m sure this will help lots of other people too!
    Have a great day!

  4. Kathy says

    I have had an inner ear problem for a couple of weeks now – very swimmy-headed and balance is off. I know an antibiotic prescription would probably take care of this, but would prefer an organic / natural way of solving the problem. Does a remedy exist for inner ear problem? I’m tired of swimming outside the pool!

  5. says

    I am truly amazed at what has happened to me. I developed a very bad flu like cold. The cough that came with it was so bad that I came close to losing my breath. I tried lemsip, uniflu and things were not looking up. My daughter told me a long time ago that garlic is good for colds. Now what about this, In the middle of a bad bout of coughing I put a full clove of garlic in my mouth and chewed it . the cough subsided and stopped just for then. my chest was sore at this point. I then kept half a clove of garlic in my mouth and every time the cough started I gave it a chew and the cough subsided every time. I am well again now. since then i have done some checking up on garlic. That is how i found this great site. thank you . Jim Doolan

  6. says

    Hi Jim – thank you for letting me know your wonderful story.

    I really am impressed that the garlic has helped you so much, and that you were willing to experiment with this wonderful natural food to help you with your cough.

    Way to go! — and I really appreciate you sharing your experience with me and readers of my blog.
    Wishing you Vibrant Health!

  7. says

    Hi Diana. Thank you for your reply. I can not take credit for this recipee. Chop up lemon into small pieces use skin and all. Do not use seeds. 4 cloves of garlic ,chop into small pieces. Half mug of honey. All of the above have natural antibotics in them. Grate fresh ginger, level dessert spoon. Blitz the lot for 5 minutes , Put into screw type jar and take two tea spoons ,morning and night. This recipee is reputed to be a powerful attack against ,colds and flu like symptoms. Keep in the bottom of the fridge. Kindest regards. Jim

  8. gerrish says

    this blog is amazing… i will use this natural antibiotics… and i will tell my friends about this… thanks for this blog

  9. says

    Hi Gerrish!! Thank you, Thank you – I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog – and I am SO HAPPY that you are being helped with my natural antibiotic suggestion here.
    You are so welcome.
    Hope to see you here again!
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. says

    Since I last wrote about Lemons, Garlic, Honey, and ginger I changed the recipee to the following. ” 2 Full lemons . 1 whole garlic, 1 full jar of honey. Do not use lemon peel or lemon seeds and omit Ginger. Cut lemons into small pieces, Chop garlic, aprox 20 cloves into small pieces, Blitz all of this for aprox, 5 minutes. Add the full jar of honey of your own choice and mix again , aprox 1 minute. Put all into jar, Screw top is handy. Take 1 dessert spoon morning and night. Since I started taking this , I never felt so good. This is a wonderful site, Thank you Diana. Kindest Regards , Jim…P.S. I Have now found that garlic also has anti inflamatory agent in it and a nagging ache I had in my hip is gone too.

  11. REUBEN SPURR says


  12. UG says

    I agree that garlic is good for tooth ache. But it makes sore spots inside the mouth that last two or three days which would be painful.
    In India, we use clove oil if available, a drop over the aching tooth due to cavity or other reason. and the pain is gone in a few mins without the side effects of garlic.
    If clove oil is not available. Just chew up a clove on the aching tooth, it has same effect. It has mouth freshening effect too.
    Then there is another most used and best antibiotic for injuries, cuts, burns. boils, skin breaks etc, that is turmeric powder. Just apply some powder over the broken skin, It pains like when you apply iodine but acts as a healing agent.
    I have been using these remedies since my childhood.

  13. says

    Hi UG – Thank you so much for your input and suggestions.

    Yes – Cloves would be excellent for toothache, I have used it on one of my children years ago and it really helped. I have also heard that Turmeric Powder is an excellent herb to use for many health challenges, and I even read recently that cancer rates are lower in India, and one of the reasons could be the widespread use of Turmeric.
    Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate receiving your input and I’m sure readers will also appreciate your ideas. Thank you again!.

  14. Jean says

    made up a little batch of your recipe tonight-very good. I didn’t use the peels since my lemons weren’t organic but was still very good. Since I was having salad anyway decided to try a bit that way, quite good. I like creamy dressings so I added a bit of mashed avocado to it for the creamy and delicious. I am wondering if this has been tried as a topical?
    Thanks again


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