Dr Carolyn Dean Nutrition Books

Dr Carolyn Dean Nutrition Books and Recommendations

I absolutely loved reading Dr Dean’s latest blog post regarding  The Failure of Gene Therapy  She has devoted her life to healthy lifestyles.  I was particularly interested in Dr. Dean’s summary of nutrition requirements and how we can take responsibility for our health through making sure our body’s are receiving the right nutrients.

Healthy Green Food Salad Diana Walker
Healthy Green Food Salad Diana Walker

Here is some information from Dr. Carolyn Dean:

Autism: Begin by avoiding gluten and casein. In my experience, if that is not done, anything else you throw at them doesn’t seem to matter.

For angina, high blood pressure, asthma, muscle cramping, diabetes, pre-eclampsia and migraines: magnesium is the basic treatment. If you don’t begin with that, any other nutrients or drugs don’t have a chance.

For the thyroid and immune system weakness: Start with iodine.

For immune system weakness, osteoporosis, cancer and dozens of other conditions: make sure you use Vitamin D.

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Diana Walker, CEO, Diana’s Healthy Lifestyles

Do You Love Reading Health Books?

Do You Love to Read? Do You Love Learning About Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles?

If you are like me, you love reading – and you are also very interested in healthy lifestyles, nutrition, and keeping current and on the leading-edge on these subjects.

I still have my first nutrition-related book – from over 30 years ago – “The Miracle of Fasting” with Dr. Paul Bragg It is a signed, autographed copy! (since I worked for him and studied under him in the 1970s)

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Two of my favorite health educators – Kevin Gianni and Mike Adams – have teamed up to provide this service.

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You’ll be glad you did!

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach