Water Keep Hydrated in the Summer

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Water for Good Health Keep Hydrated

Water is essential to life, your body is made up of mostly water, and it is important to drink enough water every single day to stay healthy and hydrated. If a human body is not given water it will break down very quickly.

Most people will die within two days if not given water.

Sadly, much of the population is walking around in a dehydrated state, close to a serious health issue due to not drinking enough water. Here is an Audio on Water Health Benefits and the importance of minerals and electrolytes – the only way the water becomes assimilated into your cells. (I’m sorry that some of the call is a little faint, but most of it is very clear).

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Health Benefits of Water – More Details Here:

The rule of thumb is that a healthy human body needs about 8 glasses of 8 ounce size of water a day. This is typical but more research is showing that if you drink half your body weight in ounces of water you’ll be the most hydrated and healthy. For instance if you weigh 150 lbs, divide that number by 2, which is 75. A 150 lb human should therefore, according to this formula, drink 75 ounces a day of water. This equates to a little over 9, eight oz glasses of water per day. It is important not to drink the water fast or all at one time.

Try spreading the glasses of water over the day. Carry water with you at all times and sip it slowly every few moments. Drink fluids even if you don’t feel thirsty.

More Details on Water Health Benefits

You May Be Thirsty, Not Hungry

We have ignored our thirst for so long that sometimes thirst is disguised as hunger. The reason for this is that we take in some fluids by the foods we eat, so if our body is not going to get results from signalling thirst, it will signal hunger instead. This is why it is a good practice to try drinking a glass of water when you are hungry between meals rather than eat to make sure that you really are hungry before eating.

Incorporate Water Daily – Try it for 30 Days

Before drinking any other fluids, try drinking water instead. By avoiding liquids with additives like caffeine, fake sugars, flavorings and colorings you’ll train your taste buds to not only appreciate, but love and crave fresh filtered water. Try replacing all fluids that you drink for fresh, filtered water daily for 30 days. By day 30 the water will literally taste sweet and it will be your drink of choice over the old standbys of iced tea, pasteurized juices, and soda.

Water for Kids

A note on kids: Infants do not need water. It can even be dangerous to substitute water for breast or formula. However, If you teach children to drink water at a young age starting when they are weaned from the breast or bottle, instead of other beverages, you will create a situation where water is their beverage of choice. They will be healthier, and thankful for it too.

Water Improves Lymph System

Water is important because it improves your lymph system, helping you fight off illness. Water helps you digest your food, eliminate waste comfortably in the form of pee, poop and sweat. Every cell in your body depends on the presence of enough water to function properly. As we mentioned earlier, it only takes two days for most people to die from lack of water intake.

Headaches, Cloudy Vision, Tiredness, Achy Joints, Constipation

If you regularly have headaches, cloudy vision, are often tired, feel poorly every day, have achy joints, are constipated, can’t regulate your body temperature, are bloated, and / or have smelly yellow urine, and bad breath, likely the culprit can be traced to not drinking enough water. Try adding fresh, filtered water into your daily diet and see how fast you start feeling better.

The Truth about Tap Water

Today, most water that comes out of your tap is fluoridated, and has other chemicals in it. Even prescription drugs have been found in tap water. It is important to still drink tap water, but it is imperative that you purchase a good carbon based filtering system for your faucet. The filter will ensure that the water you drink is safe and tastes good.

You cannot count on bottled water to be safe, especially since it is stored for long periods of time in plastic bottles. Additionally, tests performed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) have shown that tap water, even with its problems, is often better than even the most expensive bottled water sources. If you find you must drink bottled water, purchase only bottled water that is in safe plastic containers (will be labeled as PBC free), and names it’s source and treatment methods on the label.

The good thing about tap water is that it is regularly tested and regulated unlike bottled water. In most cases, bottled water while ten times as expensive, is no different from your tap water and more likely to have chemical contaminants at illegally high limits. I hardly need to mention the added problem of disposing of the plastic containers from bottled water. The sad fact is that many companies that claim to have biodegradable bottles are, well, lying. It just seems that drinking tap water is the safest bet for essential health and the environment. To be sure you can have your home tap water tested.

Once you have your tap water tested you can determine if you need a simple filtration system on your faucet or a whole house filtering system. You want to get the right system to filter the right contaminants if any. Remember, just because your water tastes funny compared to bottled water does not mean it is not safe. However, a filtration system that adds minerals for good water taste can help it go down easier meaning, you’ll naturally drink more since it tastes good. Ensure that your filtration system is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) tested before using it and you can be sure it works like it say it will.

Water Rich Food

Aside from drinking water every day you can also fill some of your water quota by eating water rich foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Fruits such as melons, tomatoes, peaches, oranges, berries and pineapple contain a high percentage of water and you can eat these in place of some of your liquid needs for the day.

There are also vegetables that are rich in water content such as potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and squash.

Eating these fruits and veggies raw will increase the liquid / water you ingest as well as provide life giving enzymes and good bacteria to your gut which will aid in the digestion of other foods.

Eating a nice bowl of soup, broth or specially made organic tea before, between and after your meals can also increase your water intake throughout the day. Do avoid tea or beverages with caffeine as caffeine has a diuretic affect on the body thus causing the body to lose water and nutrients. A nice lemonade can be made with fresh lemons, filtered water, and Stevia or honey for sweetness.


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