What’s in a Name? I love the name Diana

This is the What’s In A Name? Meme started

I was tagged by LaTara because she wants to know the meaning of my name.

First let me say, I’ve always loved my name  and I did spell it Dyana for a couple years when I was about 15.

Well here it is.
My name is: Diana
Diana is derived from either an Indo-European root meaning divine, or from the Latin diviana. Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon who eventually took on the huntress identity of the Greek goddess Artemis. Diana was a patron of virgins, forests, and hunters.
It means: not applicable
Origin: Indo-European or Latin
I am tagging:

If you have been tagged, copy and paste all of this – from the image to the end of the instructions – into a blog post. Then, change the information to match your name and tag three other bloggers. If you don’t know what your name means, you can try looking it up on Baby’s Name World.



  1. says

    I love the name Diana! One of my favorite people was Princess Diana because she handled everything with such grace….hence the meaning:)
    You too are a divine individual.

  2. Courtney says

    I love the name Diana! I have an Aunt Dianna (spelling different on purpose). She’s always been one of my favorite aunts.

  3. Diana says

    My name is Diana and I like my name but I don’t like when somebody says like Dian,Dinul or Dianachik or Diaka


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