This beverage is ideal for weight loss because of its composition of flaxseed together with boiling water. Flaxseed contains a lot of vitamins, minerals together with obese acids. It cleans the torso from toxins, lowers blood carbohydrate together with reduces the appetite. It is together with ideal combo for weight loss!


At night, exercise the following: In three tablespoons of flaxseed pour 1 liter of boiling water. Allow it to stand up overnight. It is best to role a thermos. If y’all exercise non take a thermos, together with thence role a container amongst a lid.

Strain it inwards the morning. You volition acquire a piffling mucous together with thick fluid.


The tea should live consumed throughout the day, three – iv times inwards 150 ml one-half an 60 minutes earlier a meal. The tea should live prepared every nighttime for the adjacent day. Do non brand stocks! It must live e’er freshly prepared.


  • The flaxseed tea should live consumed for 10 days, together with thence brand a interruption of 10 days together with repeated the same physical care for if y’all wishing to reach the desired result.
  • This mode y’all volition lose the excess weight. It is non addictive, together with y’all volition lose weight salubrious together with safe.
  • For weight reduction y’all volition demand three – v treatments. Drink enough of H2O during these days.
  • This tea reduces appetite, so, to reach quick results (in club to lose weight), y’all tin eat the flaxseed tea every bit breakfast together with dinner. Optionally, y’all tin sweeten it amongst a piffling beloved for a ameliorate taste.
  • With regular consumption y’all volition observe positive changes inwards your skin, it volition go healthy, tight together with elastic. What is real of import for women, when losing weight, the peel volition non relax together with y’all volition fifty-fifty observe the cellulite to dissolve, it volition live less visible.

Consumption of flaxseed is non recommended inwards cases of:

  • Problematic liver (if y’all take a serious liver disease, the dose should live reduced, nether strict control)
  • Kidney stones (flaxseed actively extracts sand together with stones, simply the physical care for should live applied systematically together with it should live controlled)

The flaxseed likewise makes a non bad aspect up mask together with helps tighten your face.

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